Some common mistakes we seem to make and how not to repeat them [Long post for newbies]

2021.09.20 08:04 MillennialBets Some common mistakes we seem to make and how not to repeat them [Long post for newbies]

Date: 2021-09-20 00:33:18, Author: u/nafizzaki, (Karma: 44420, Created:May-2018)
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Hello! I am mostly a lurker in here but I do post time to time. And recently, I am seeing an influx of bad rumours or advice that seems to be constantly circling around. So, I hope this post might be helpful for those that are kinda new into degen gambling.
if you are already an experienced trader, ignore this post.
Now, here's some common mistakes or rumours or bad advice that's circling around in reddit:

  1. Most of the time, when some redditor is claiming a short squeeze, it's probably just that that person wants everyone to pile into that stock so that their options/stocks gain value and could make a quick exit. So, the intention is to create a pump and dump scheme. You may make money if you are early, but most likely you are not early at all.
Short squeeze
Also, do understand that if someone says hedgies are manipulating the market or things like that, be very sceptical. Are you sure that the person saying that isn't manipulating you? Are you sure that the person saying that is not some fund managehigh net worth individual influencing you to buy some shitty options that they want to sell?
Market is influenced/manipulated by everything. Your buying and selling is also a form of manipulation. So understand this, don't fall for "Hedgies manipulating this stock, if you buy it, you will stick it to the hedgies" narrative.
We are here to make money through short term positions, not to be manipulated by some idealistic rant.

Here's the link to that wsb post.
What is Gamma? I think if you follow this investopedia article and read through the various links linked there, you will under pretty easily.

You will find plenty of free materials online that might help you with it. If I were to give you a suggestion about a book, well, "Option volatility and pricing strategies" by Sheldon Natenberg may help you with it.

They work like insurance. If you are making 10% or maybe 500%😂 or maybe even more gains a year, it makes sense that you keep your wealth preserved. If someone is warning doom and gloom, you won't have to lose your sleep, because you know when the time comes, you won't be the 💼 holder.

The market will adjust the amount of special dividend that will be given. An options seller will also adjust the price of the options that you are going to buy. So, special dividend is a zero sum game or a rather negative sum game, cause you might create a taxable event which could impact you in the future.

Did you know that up until 2020, long term treasury bonds outperformed S&P 500 (dividend inclusive) for the last 20 years before that? Sauce
Although this trend will not be seen any time in the future any longer as bond yields are just too low. That's why we are finally seeing some inflows into stocks instead of outflows from it.

Taxes have destroyed many a gamblers life. They won money in a play. Sold. Then lost all or some of it in another play, in some cases (not all), you might actually owe taxes to the tax authority that you don't even have.
This is a very country and individual circumstances specific thing, so I can't really tell you how best to save on taxes unless I know in detail about your circumstances. But for Americans hope this will help start in your journey.
Also, to add to this, I have seen probably some very dumb comments of people saying things like "I would owe more taxes if I make more money that's why I am making less money", don't be that guy.

You should also ask the question why I am writing this? What's my motive? Etc etc.

Remember, for every time you are buying something, someone else is selling those something. Technical analysis can easily show you where buyer and sellers are meeting the most in a condensed format.
Understanding it might help you position, enter, exit and most importantly discipline your trades.
Does it mean that you should just follow the cup and handle pattern and buy things? No. It is a tool, much like every other tool a gambler can have in their belt.

To understand CPI, you gotta understand the composition of the CPI.
Some say, CPI doesn't include housing consumption, which is laughable. Here you will find CPI weights of each sector. The question if CPI includes hous or not is answered by this paper succinctly.
You might see people use a source like shadowstats, which is essentially a completely flawed website. Here's some reading material.
Yes, CPI has some flaws, but it is not a sham like people try to make it out to be. If inflation is really 10% or 8%, why are commercial banks lending money at such a low rate? Wouldn't they have become bankrupt within this 2 decade?? Better yet, if you really believe that inflation is something percent, put your money where your mouth is and buy up everything you see in Walmart and try to sell that 1 year later also using the low interest environment in your favour.

Hope this helps in clearing out some confusion and have a nice night. And if you have seen or know about some other mistakes or misconceptions people have, please do share!
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OK so I'm at a loss. I don't want to go through the trouble of asking a tmobile rep if I don't have to, because for some reason, none of them seem to be able to help with any question I ever have.
I just bought a galaxy watch 4. I got the digits data plan through tmobile. I did this in-store and the worker explained pretty much nothing but I trusted I could figure it out as long as everything was set up.
Ive had smartwatches before, but wifi only. I figured that getting an LTE watch would allow me to make calls without the phone being connected.. Why else would it need it's own programed Sim card and plan? Was I wrong? Is the "digits" plan the exact same thing as connecting via Bluetooth when it comes to calls and texts?
My watch doesn't receive calls or texts when not connected to bluetooth, when the phone is off, or when im far away from it. Is it supposed to do any of these things with lte/digits? The only time I recieve calls or texts is when it's connected via Bluetooth, like a wifi smartwatch.
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