frr9s h92bb 2e5ad hhydd hty84 eze7a hbs3a 899zb bif7k kdy8f 3f4he sr4zi 57nhz rfzr5 2td7n rht9e 42ns8 t8niy 3bsbk dtt38 knsrh I broke my friends range hood while i was house sitting for her family |

I broke my friends range hood while i was house sitting for her family

2021.10.26 03:13 candyfrog_ I broke my friends range hood while i was house sitting for her family

I was house sitting for my friend and i was messing around in the kitchen. I realised that the glass panel in the range hood could come out and stupid little me decided to remove it. It smashed all over the stovetop, and i spent the next day and a half frantically looking for a replacement online. It ended up costing me half the money i was being paid to house sit, but they never found out about it lol. Their stovetop is still dented from the glass falling on it but the family never said anything about it and we are still friends to this day.
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2021.10.26 03:13 IQuietQI Has anyone else gotten sore eyes from hdr10?

I have my hdr10 settings that I though where perfect for my viewing. But the past few days after a few mins of gameplay my right eye gets sore. O tried messing with my settings to make it more dim but I still have this issue? Any advice?
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2021.10.26 03:13 c0wluvr I really need help in believing I’m worthy of love as somebody with BPD.

I was diagnosed in March and was with my ex at the time. He was the only person who has seen it offset drastically, and I can be a real monster. But also he was the reason my symptoms exploded.
I just got a job as a waitress about over a month ago and everybody keeps telling me I’m a sweet person. I don’t know how to react to these compliments.. I met a guy whom I work with and he’s the opposite of any person I’ve dated. He’s just like me, a giver at heart. My ex was a narcissist.. he made me feel like nobody would ever put up with me like he could because of my mental disorder.
I don’t know how to navigate my relationship with this guy .. he really cares about me and we have very strong feelings for each other. I just told him this morning about my mental disorder and I’m positive he’s never heard of it but he says that it doesn’t matter and that he feels closer to me because I’ve told him. But I don’t think he understands how complex it is.
He doesn’t know that my mood goes up and down all the time by the littlest of things. He doesn’t know that I get easily jealous even when I shouldn’t be..
I feel like he would have a headache of a relationship with me because of my mood swings when he could just be with somebody whose emotions are more stabled which means he could be happier. I don’t want to bring him down with me… I don’t even know how to communicate these feelings with him bc I don’t want to bring him down with me..
I can feel myself starting to self-sabotage my relationship with him.. but why would I do that?? I’ve never met anybody so genuine and kind.. I know I deserve that, but I feel like he doesn’t deserve the chaotic mess I can be sometimes..
I don’t feel worthy of having true love. How could somebody be happy with somebody who’s so emotionally unstable?? A roller coaster relationship?? Who would choose that…
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2021.10.26 03:13 romain34230 Chris Hemsworth pensait que son personnage ne reviendrait plus après « Captain America : Civil War »

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2021.10.26 03:13 Mutliz recently I convert this to vector. How look like? rate this plz....

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2021.10.26 03:13 CompetitiveMobile622 po

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2021.10.26 03:13 Consistent_Cress4352 [M22] nothing like a fresh cut

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2021.10.26 03:13 MediaTrafficOrg Howard University Students Fighting Mold In Dorms Just After School Received Donation From Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott

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2021.10.26 03:13 TheosRW Deoderaint

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2021.10.26 03:13 dickslapper3683 I should not be laughing

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2021.10.26 03:13 AmazonShopperGod Spending

How Much You Guys Spent Ur Money On This Game???
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2021.10.26 03:13 Hjustk Tônica water

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2021.10.26 03:13 Nyvzzz I think the bot broke

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2021.10.26 03:13 johnharperjr I think I need to let Instagram go...

Instagram has really motivated me to improve myself. Seeing my body progress and and my muscle definition grow. And I enjoy the attention honestly. But lately I've started to notice that whenever I look at a post I just feel overwhelmingly sad about a moment in time lost forever. The trips, vacations, restaurants, and night out with friends, photos of my puppy, family reunions, and ex-lovers. I find myself wanting to cry at every post.
My great-grandmother is 98 years old. I took a photo with her and my lil pup. As I started to post it I could feel the tears swell. I knew that one day in the future I'd look back on the photo and think about how my great-grandmother is gone and my once puppy will probably be gone too, as dogs have short lives. I don't want to be burdened by nostalgia, so I have to let IG go.
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2021.10.26 03:13 Chaos-Eternal I worked 13 hours yesterday and slept at 4am. I'm not bragging about my work ethic. It's just that I won't stop until I've got a million bucks in my bank account.

"Good for nothing."
"Get a real job"
"Get a degree."
"I'm sorry but I don't think this relationship is working out for me."
I'm tired of all the excuses, all the pitfalls and all the fucking obstacles I've had to plow through.
Work is my only solace, work is the only thing in my life that doesn't disappoint.
Hard work. Late nights. Discipline. Cold and calculated.
Freedom! Here I come!
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2021.10.26 03:13 mrhotshot3000 Am I the ass whole for wanting to leave my family when I'm 16

I wont disclose my real name for privacy reasons so I say my name is Blake I'm 14 years old and I hate my family except my dad and my 2 baby brothers and grandma I live in a house of seven where I'm the oldest 14 and the youngest is 4 months old I've always been expected to protect my siblings because they "look up to me" which I feel is wrong inside but I always do it anyways I always miss out on fun events and parties and don't get to really have a social life I've always had to stay home and watch my brothers who are 3 and 4 months old all the time I even do online school not zoom or google meet so I watch them so its kind of hard to get work done so as you can imagine I don't have the best grades in the universe I've always felt as if my mom was abusive to me mentally and physically and loved my 12 and 10 year old brother and sister more I always get blamed for the littlest things my siblings can tell my mom a lie about me which seems to them as a joke but I genuinely get in a lot of trouble one of the times my brother told my mom when I was 13 that I hit my 9 year old sister and she got in my face cussing me out and when I tried to explain what happened and she kept cutting me off I snapped and pointed out all the favoritism that goes to my siblings and I said that she's a bad mom and I hate her she then no joke started choking me and my grandma had to pull her off me I was their crying for hours on end and then finally packed some bags and went to my bestfriends house and stayed their for a month and didn't talk to my mom when I came home I felt as if their was some gap between us but the last straw for me was when I was having a discussion with her about who was on the dishes me and my siblings always had a certain routine for who did it for example sweeping/mopping dishes and counters and vacuuming and it was my turn to vacuum but my mom thought other wise and as I tried to explain that I did dishes and counters the day before but she made and entirely different routine in her head and I disagreed but she got mad and cussed me out for 20 minutes and I left the room and she said she was going to tell my dad what I did to her when he got back and I said ill tell him what really happened and she came running down the stairs and no joke actually hit me and when my dad got home I was beaten severely I went on a zoom class the next day and in a private room I told my teacher everything and she called child protective services and my mom lied to them but I was to scared to speak up and when they left my family was telling me I was wrong and they weren't abusing me and disciplining me I went to my room crying for hours and made up my mined that I needed to leave and I thought of the military's and when I'm 16 I'm going to leave my family behind and join the military's if I can, Am I the ass hole.
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2021.10.26 03:13 Inside_Extent_1866 Awakening of Kidd?

I'm not gonna talk about some power level here.
Just a doubt how would Kidd devil fruit awakening be like? Its related to magnet can he turn anything into magnetic or maybe he will be able to attract the non metallic things too? What would kidd awakening be like? What are your thoughts?
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2021.10.26 03:13 akalic Living his best life

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2021.10.26 03:13 Chimeguy22 💵💸Free instant $5 for signing up for a Step account💸💵

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2021.10.26 03:13 Phenix-Coiner Stop believing any FUD story’s about SHIB we are proving them all wrong! People are going to hate on it we need to just ignore it and keep holding and buying

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2021.10.26 03:13 Ze_Bri-0n [WP] Cosmic beings see human civilizations the way we see spiders - harmless, helpful even, yet inexplicably horrifying.

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2021.10.26 03:13 Galactisy What is the most painful thing you've ever felt?

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2021.10.26 03:13 Backdraft420 Anyone have an ammo converter I can use on ps4 please?

Psn is Backdraft905, would appreciate it alot!
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2021.10.26 03:13 RapidDirect2019 Optimize Your Heat Sink Design: Principles and Four Practical Tips

The rising demand for high-performance electronics has led to the production of advanced electronics with fast microprocessors and high transistor densities. This technological modification in the components of such electronics has resulted in increased heat load during operation. Therefore, a thermal management system that features the right heat sink design is ideal to ensure electronics’ optimal performance.
In order to prevent system failure of the electronics and guarantee efficient heat dissipation, heat sinks are ideal for providing cooling effects in electronics. Therefore, in this article, we would answer the question: how does a heat sink work? We would also explore the importance of a heat sink, the basics of a heat sink design, and how to optimize a heat sink design for optimal electronics performance. Let’s dive right in.
Heat Sink Design Basics A heat sink is a mechanical component used in electronic devices to prevent overheating electrical components by providing supplementary cooling. It dissipates heat from an electrical component, usually a power transistor, to the surrounding environment. This environment is most commonly a lower temperature fluid medium like air or a liquid coolant.
Heat sinks are usually in transistors or processors. Manufacturers fit them with a built-in fan to dissipate energy from the electronic. However, not all heat sinks have a connection to a fan. Those with a fan attachment are “Active Heat Sinks”, and those without a heat sink are known as “Passive Heat Sinks.”
Importance of Using Heat Sinks A heat sink is important in most electronic products due to its ability to prevent overheating electrical components. Therefore, the device will be able to work at the specified temperature. Below are other reasons why heat sinks are important.

A heat sink maintains the electronic device’s controlled thermal energy by transferring heat from the electronic circuit elements to the surroundings.
A heat sink improves the reliability of electronic devices due to it preventing component failure by its function.
Heat sinks provide heat in cases of a drop in temperature within the electrical circuit.
Based on such importance, heat sinks are now essential components of many electronic devices. For example, they are part of the central processing unit of computers.
Applications Heat sinks have a wide range of applications, especially in electronic devices. The reason is that these devices generate a large amount of heat during operation, and they cannot moderate their temperature. This generated heat can impact the performance of semiconductors within the electronic device. Therefore, resulting in failure of components and ultimately the damage of the device.
Analyzing the thermal performance of every electronic device is tasking. Hence heat sinks design is to provide supplementary cooling to these devices by dissipating heat to the surrounding from electrical components such as diodes, voltage regulators, transistors, and integrated circuits.
Factors and Tips in Heat Sink Design The effective dissipation of thermal energy by a heat sink is largely dependent on its design. As a passive heat exchanger, a heat sink design should allow easy heat transfer to its environment. This process of heat transfer is usually by conduction, convection, or radiation. Sometimes, it is a combination of these three heat transfer methods. For efficient heat sink construction, there are many factors to consider. Below is an explanation of the cogent factors you should include before learning how to create a heat sink.
Thermal Resistance Thermal resistance refers to the resistance to the flow of heat between the semiconductor and the surrounding. The environment can be ambient air or a coolant fluid.
Determining the thermal resistance of a device is important in the selection of heat sinks. This is because the path for heat dissipation must have a considerable amount of thermal resistance. This, in turn, will determine how quickly the transfer of heat takes place. Thermal resistance ensures the efficiency of a heat sink as it shows whether there is a reduction of temperature.
Materials Used in Heat Design · Heat Sink Material Most heat sinks come from Aluminium and Copper alloys because they are highly conductive. Aluminum is less expensive, and it is ideal based on its ductility that makes it easy to design it for making heat sinks. There are other materials. For example, copper, due to its high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, is usually part of the heat sink design. However, aluminum is the most dominant material. This combination has proven to be more effective and can be employed in your module for heat sink construction.
· Interface Materials Thermal interface materials are the material that makes up the space between the heat sink. It is normally air. However, some manufacturers use other materials such as mica. Thermal interface materials lower the thermal resistance of an electronic device and ensure its fast transfer of thermal energy.
The heat generated by the device is a summation of its component heat generation. Since the component has varying thermal resistance, it isn’t easy to guarantee effective dissipation of heat. To guarantee effective heat flow from the electronic device, minimize thermal resistance. This is possible by incorporating a thermal interface material.
Shape and Arrangement of Fins The efficient dissipation of heat from the device to a coolant medium also depends on fin arrangements. Heat sink design normally features fins soldered during heat sink construction. These fins orientation is to provide a surface area that allows air to pass through the heat sink. Therefore, they are critical in the cooling process.
Therefore, heat sink fin efficiency depends on the shape of the fins and you must consider it to ensure effective convection of heat from the electronic device and, in turn, guarantee the cooling of the device and the heat sink.
Heat Sink Attachment Methods The effectiveness of heat sinks will improve by choosing an appropriate attachment method. This selection process must consider the device’s thermal and mechanical requirements before deciding which attachment method is most suitable.
Whilst there are many methods of attaching a heat sink to an electronic device. Common methods are:
– Thermal Tapes.
– Wire Clips
– Plastic Clips.
– Push Pins.
– Spring Loaded Screws.

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2021.10.26 03:13 Aggravating-Affect16 Irredentism for a few European countries (the blue in the Balkans is Serbia)

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