UR > Hyatt transfer delay?

2021.10.26 01:40 nikehair UR > Hyatt transfer delay?

Seems like something is up and my transfer is gonna take a whole. Is there a way to lock in a reward rate until the transfer has cleared. I’m afraid this specific availability is rare and will disappear.
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2021.10.26 01:40 flakissmtl FELLING HAPPY FOR YOU!😊

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2021.10.26 01:40 EpicYH22 Let’s Goooo!!!!

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2021.10.26 01:40 Humble_Yogurtcloset4 me_irl

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2021.10.26 01:40 Great-Obligation-599 Marvin as Bugs' enemy

Do you agree with Chuck Jones when he said that Marvin was Bugs' greatest Enemy?
View Poll
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2021.10.26 01:40 tyychkincy If they were to do a Disney+ Luke Skywalker show, would you rather they feature 1) A De-Aged Mark Hamill, and accept that it will look wonky at times, or 2) A different actor, and accept that it's not Mark Hamill playing Luke Skywalker?

If they were to do a Disney+ Luke Skywalker show, would you rather they feature 1) A De-Aged Mark Hamill, and accept that it will look wonky at times, or 2) A different actor, and accept that it's not Mark Hamill playing Luke Skywalker? submitted by tyychkincy to StarWars [link] [comments]

2021.10.26 01:40 TheHamBurglar71 The true big three

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2021.10.26 01:40 missdarbusisaqueen We’re engaged :)

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2021.10.26 01:40 SwimInDaCooCheese Get ready for blastoff CROSTERS. Im using the same chart that I made July 9th. CRONOS LOOKS LIKE THE CATALYST FOR THE SPIKE

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2021.10.26 01:40 Artistic-Disaster-66 Japan Girl - Gameshow Quiz Strip TheSexyAsianGf.com

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2021.10.26 01:40 magnora7 The human hierarchy

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2021.10.26 01:40 kick_ass_girl Jobs in email community - advice needed

Hi everyone!
I'm hoping you can help me with the following. Me and my team are developing a Facebook community focused on careers in email industry. We created a small survey to find out how to make our community really useful for all those building a career (or striving to build one) in email.
I'd appreciate if you answer the questions, this will help us to get on the right track. TIA!
PS: we do not collect any email addresses/names with this survey. We will only use the info for analysis.
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2021.10.26 01:40 slummillion looking for doug!! would anyone trade for any of these? i want him for my coworker 🥺💗

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2021.10.26 01:40 grimlinyousee Texas to Oregon

Which way would you take to get from DFW to Bend OR? It does not need to be the fastest way, just the easiest for a motor home. A family friend owns two motor homes and we can use either. One is a 26ft gas and the other a 39 ft diesel pusher. Trip will be late June of 2022. Just trying to weigh options ahead of time.
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2021.10.26 01:40 Jfathomphx What is up with this obsession about getting bread?

I am down to get it in the grocery store when I'm there and maybe at a restaurant ... If its free and available ...
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2021.10.26 01:40 itsmesummerc Question

Why is this a ps4 sub? Xbox has had remote play for years and it’s just as nice
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2021.10.26 01:40 TejiMandiApp Has Pharma Reached Its Peak Or Is Preparing To Bounce Back?

The pharmaceutical industry is one sector that will never go out of demand. For the simple reason - the world will always need doctors and medicines. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry witnessed a boost like never before. A rise in demand and safe-haven buying amid a global economic slowdown led to a sharp rally in 2020. But since June 2021, the sector has turned gloomy. Most stocks are trading lower than expectations.
Long-Term Returns
Raamdeo Agrawal, chairman and co-founder, Motilal Oswal Financial Services, in a media interview, explained that the pharma sector is product and molecule-specific, unlike the IT sector, which is in sync with the demand trend. What he meant was that when the demand for some molecules or formulations is high, that stock will rise. Hence, careful selection is mandatory in the pharma space.
In fact, over the past decade, the Nifty Pharma index has reported a 12.3% CAGR compared to Nifty50 returns of 13.7% CAGR. This is mainly because of the pharma sector’s massive exposure to the US market. Strict US FDA regulations, pricing pressure, and excessive competition reduces pharma’s revenues. This directly impacted the stocks and the index performance.
Looking Back!
During the mid-20th century, India relied heavily on foreign countries for its pharma deliveries. Cut to 2021, India stands as one of the leaders of the pharma landscape. While India continues to supply 20% of global exports of generic drugs, why is the pharma space still volatile? Well, it’s because of our huge exposure to the US market. Most pharma companies receive their majority revenue from the US, which is a lucrative market. However, strict US FDA regulations, price erosion, and competition make it troublesome to garner revenue from the US market. This is the biggest problem for Indian pharma companies.
Analysts believe to see sustained revenue growth of 10-15% over the next few years in the pharma companies. The domestic market currently remains hot, on the back of increasing health awareness, a higher number of people reaching the age of 50, lifestyle changes etc. But, catering only to the domestic market won’t get as much revenue, and that’s the only reason why the pharma companies continue to bear the heat from the US.
How Gloomy Can It Get?
A few weeks back, big bull Rakesh Jhunjhunwala cut his stake in Lupin, which caused an uproar against the pharma space. Since then, Lupin has been on a downtrend just like its peers, but this gloomy period won’t last long. Market analysts continue to remain positive on the long-term growth story of the pharma space. They expect it to grow 3x in the coming decade, reaching up to $130 billion. With China taking a step back in the manufacturing space, India is the next-best pharma industry to rely upon.
Future Outlook
Once the market is corrected, and the pharma valuations are back on the line, the appreciation in the share price will begin. Logically, the demand for pharma space will not decline. It will only rise from here, given the increasing level of pollution, lifestyle changes, the prevalence of communicated diseases etc. The long-term benefits of the pharma stocks remain intact, but it is important to choose the best out of the lot. Taking into consideration the industry's competitive nature, it is vital to study the company and its products deeply before investing
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2021.10.26 01:40 annalevs Made this Darth Maul cake for a friend!

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2021.10.26 01:40 throwawway20211209 Desperately need advice!! Should I buy a pregnancy test due to a change in discharge??

First of all very sorry for the TMI aspect of my question but I literally have no female friends or family I can really talk to for advice about this as my mom and sisters don't really want me to be pregnant as I'd just had a baby girl last year.
To start of my question I need to add additional information about whats been going on essentially to even cause me to bring up this question. My period is always consistent (a fact I've been blessed with because I always know when it comes and its never a surprise) and last month before my period I did have unprotected sex with my boyfriend/daughter's father both during my ovulation period and a mere two days before my period. My period came as expected and lasted as long as it usually does albeit a little lighter but overall no change. I then discovered I'd developed a bacterial infection and was prescribed metronidazole to treat it and it was successfully treated.
Now jump to today exactly one day before my period and I am experiencing discharge I'd never experienced except during my previous pregnancy, its a clear sometimes clear and mildly milky discharge the consistency of eggwhites. I experience it every time i go to the restroom and its been like this since yesterday and while I would still be excited if it was a pregnancy I am wondering if the medication I had been on had caused a change in my normal period cycle and need advice or would like to know if anyone else has experienced this after taking Metronidazole during their cycle??
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2021.10.26 01:40 sw_alkanet Ermenegildo Zegna Musk Gold

Boozy medicinal wood but not sharp or as balsamic as myrrh. Spicy like the first sip of a new bottle of cognac. Cooling and tickles the nose. Musk is clean vegetal and not dirty or animalic. Altogether what I imagine I would smell like after the last call and I’m stumbling my way home. Cozy for rainy nights like this.
It’s been a while since I’ve smelled Tobacco Oud so I can’t confirm the comparisons.
Does anyone else own this?
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2021.10.26 01:40 ArufaOrime I made a video! A changed short story.

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2021.10.26 01:40 Deal_Internal Sorry if already posted but this was about 3-4 hours ago 👀

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2021.10.26 01:40 Still_Astronaut8091 This judge gets it! Citadel is NOT retail!

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2021.10.26 01:40 Mountain-Basket-8308 “It’s a part of my culture”

I would say I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but I’m really not.
I often see people on TikTok and the internet blah blah whatever, posting about like “special meats” they eat as “part of their culture”. Like Inuks (I believe) eat beluga. There’s an example.
I think this is a really poor excuse to kill animals. In my opinion it doesn’t make it any better because you’re still unrightfully taking something that is not yours, whether you “use the full body” or not.
What is anyone else’s viewpoint? I’m really curious. Hopefully I got my point across.
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2021.10.26 01:40 National_Amphibian76 Franchise need room ps5 league money league

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