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2021.10.26 03:08 CMDR_Un1k0rn I recently made friends with a dude who is much better equipped than I am for social settings. Hoping to get more exposure to uncomfortable situations, such as bars or clubs.

To start, he knows I'm autistic, and knows I'm trying to break past my anxiety.
Cool dude, in the Royal Navy. Turns out that the Navy actually teaches its recruits a so-called "communication triangle".
This is why so many navy folk can walk into a pub and get on with people they have never met before so easily.
I'm currently sick, with some kind of cold/flu-like illness. Tests showing it's not COVID but not in any state to go out for the meantime.
Planning on seeing if he wants to head to more bars and clubs once I've recovered. At the risk of sounding a tad cringe, I said to him I'm pretty much looking for a "wingman". He gets what I mean.
I'm starting to think this is what I needed. I needed to find a mate to hang around with before I could feel comfortable going to places. So that even if I don't meet anyine new, I don't feel like a total outcast sitting in the corner, quietly sipping a cola. (I can't drink as alcohol mixed with a medication I need puts me to sleep after half a can of cider. Like, I'll just drop where I stand.)
This "communication triangle" was an eye-opener. It's not so much a script as it is a guideline. An absolute basic principle of psychology to help oneself seem approachable and confident.
I'll ask him more later, when I feel better, mqybe post some info here. I feel people here might benefit, especially if like me they are looking for advice on meeting brand new people for whatever reasons.
I'd like to end tgis post by asking a question.
If anyone else here happens to have found themselves in a similar position, having a friemd to go places with, how did things go? Did you manage to meet new people, be it for dates, hook-ups, long-term, or anything else?
Apologies for any typos, writing this at 7am whilst dealing with this sordid cold.
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2021.10.26 03:08 montanababy62 EB thinks because rich people treat their cars like shit he can treat mine LIKE SHIT and Delusional mother let's him .

So many years ago we fell on hard times. I live at a Tourism based economy and we were re-covering from the last recession. Like first time I saw fuel drop below $4.50 in the last 7 years. Tldr at bottom. I bought a car I always wanted a 280ZX turbo T-top. (I know not a Ferrari but whatever.) Anyways my brother HATES my car, he's 6'3 and so he bitches "ITS A SMALL CAR." well yeah it's a fucking sports car from Japan not a fucking 1T. Anyways he borrows it every time his Tahoe was down or just didn't want to drive it. Usually without my knowledge or assaulting me and doing EVERYTHING I fucking told him not to do. Like letting unlicensed drivers drive....my 30 year old sports car, with a stick shift. He would romp it up tractor ruts, I caught him and cussed him out because THERE'S A OIL COOLER FOR THE TURBO ITS NOT A MOTHERFUCKIN PICKUP TRUCK! He comes back one day with chunks of lumber out the back hatch, dented to fuck. The weather seal was ripped to shit. "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?" The inside was covered in sawdust and trash. "WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT DID YOU DO TO MY FUCKING CAR!?" he just went "psssh I see people with porsches load lumber in their cars....quit being a pussy this is a rusty piece of shit!" He left the tops off at night and we had a rain storm come in. I'm out in the rain putting them back on and throwing towels everywhere. "ARE YOU STUPID!? DONT LEAVE MY TOPS DOWN!" Met with "Quit being a pussy, I see people riding their jeeps in the rain tops down." I was so angry the stress made me sick. I talked to our mom. "Hey he's treating my car like shit, he has to stop! Like he doesn't respect my property! He doesn't respect me he just shits on my car that I worked hard for!" One night he decided to "work on it" and ended up leaving the hood open because lazy, rain came down and shorted the TPS. This thing has been on for 30 years...I soaked the nuts in PB blaster so I can safely take it off. The silly son of a bitch walks up "QUIT BEING A PUSSY RICKY" (snap) he snapped the stud on the Throttle Position Sensor. I looked at him "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT!?" He just says "Your car is trash...I know what I'm doing. You don't know shit." So finally fix it, fix problems, all is well. One day brother takes it because "MUH TAHOE BROKE!" and my little brother was throwing a fit about not being able to hang out with his friend. There was a flood too in their neighborhood. So they get back "WOW ROLLOS BROTHER IM SHOCKED ROLLO LET YOU DRIVE THROUGH THE FLOOD WATERS!" WHAT!? I demand my spare key from him. "eh quit being such pussy rollo your car is a rusty piece of shit." Met with "ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED!? DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE INTAKE IS LOCATED!? DO YOU KNOW WATER CANNOT BE COMPRESSED!? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO IF THE FUCKIN ENGINE GRENADES!? DO YOU NOT COMPREHEND MY CAR ISNT A JEEP, PORSCHE, PICKUP AND IM NOT A MILLIONARE, STOP TREATING MY CAR LIKE SHIT!" I yelled so hard I doubled over in pain and was barfing from stress. I go and dry out the carpets as there was 2 puddles in it. Of course my mom goes "you over reacted...that's why you're so stressed out...your brother works hard and you don't understand the dire situation we are in right now." I almost said "BITCH YOU HAVE A PICKUP TRUCK THAT SITS AND DOES NOTHING IT IS DESIGNED FOR ROUGH CONDITIONS AND GOING OFF ROAD!" But I just stared as she gave me the "We are in this together or you can be homeless" spiel. At the time I was cranking out resumes for jobs do I can help in a time where no one was hiring anyone without 5+ years experience (BTW which ever fucking extra chromoboomer decided that was the way to go...I will break your knees and make you doggy paddle as I take fucking pot shots at you.) My brother calls me one day "YOUR CAR IS A PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT IM LIMPING IT HOME RIGHT NOW!" and he hung up. Kinda cryptic....he gets up the drive and pulls on the pad and slams the door. "You know if you got a better car this wouldn't of happened...." He said. He shown me my harness. It was fused...ALL OF IT WAS FUSED!? He proceeded to tell me "I was leaving work and hit a hole in the lot like I usually do but your battery shorted out on the hood this time. You should of secured it better." He kicks the tire and walks away. I just cry, my car I wanted....ruined.... Inside full of old fast food waste, a hole from said waste was in the floor. It stunk of mold, seat was broke, interior was thrashed. "You're gonna fix this..." I said. My brother looked smug "what.." I pointed "YOURE GONNA FUCKING FIX THIS RIGHT NOW! YOU TREATED MY CAR LIKE SHIT BECAUSE I KNOW YOU HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR ME YOU HAVE ZERO CARE FOR MY WELLBEING YOU FUCKING JUST DONT CARE YOU FAT FUCKING LAZY STUPID SON OF A BITCH! LIKE I TOUCH YOUR PRECIOUS BEATERS YOU OWN. I CLEAN THEM AND TOP OFF THE FLUIDS AND CHECK THE TIRES I FUCKING GET THE OEM INFO AND DID THE RESEARCH FOR YOU! FIX MY GODDAMN CAR!" He rolls his eyes "whatever..." And locks me outside until I admit "I'm just an angry ole curr and he's right I'm wrong." My mom eventually let's me in after seeing me having an absolute mental break down. The audacity of "well your brother is right your car is old and rusty. You don't let people touch it." So week goes by as ‏‏‎ I'm trying to learn how to be a auto electrican. To come to find my harness got cut. WHAT THE FUCK I NEEDED THIS SOMEWHAT TOGETHER!? EB decided to "help" and by help cut the harness and walk away hood up. Family gets news my grandma sent a check. I'm excited then drops to sadness. My grandma didn't like my car because it was "old" and her Generation was raised on that if something is remotely old...get rid of it. Despite her generation had shit designed to last or be easily repaired. I'm thinking this is my big break. WRONG my brother immediately got $7000.00 for a new car. I help him find one because I know if I didn't he'd blow it all on DND and Minions shit and if I got my car fixed by then he'd just repeat. This isn't really a happy ending where Karma gets him, but he and my mom wonder why I pushed hard and far away from them. So I make my first $50,000 at this point. I finally can afford something nice for myself. Brother tries to sell me his junker car for $3500. Since he "rebuilt the head gasket" but gets quiet when I ask about mounts and trans slippage (I know more about his car than I lead on.) Also it has nearly 350,000mi on it and while it's a dependable year for his car. I could buy 4 new ones of what he had with change. I find a truck, I like this rig but not over priced liked. Before I even had a full decision my mom was sending me bumper stickers and window clings. I asked "why?" She did this "well you are getting a truck, and leaving it at home, you need to style it!" I don't do stickers, they seriously devalue a car because they damage paint and are tacky they also invite lookieloos. My style is subtle and class not opinionated ass. Also I don't like The Minions and I don't like getting my windows smashed out. But a minion with a redneck confederate short with "Country Boy" (hate walmart Rednecks) is a sure fucking way to ruin my day. I tell my mom that I don't do stickers. Any I get I'll put on my laptop or pc (minion one would probably be in a trash can) She got upset that I wasn't accepting "gifts" for "our truck." What's this "our" nonsense. My mom basically would be handed a new truck and would let hers sit until I come home to a truck full of yogert cups, stickers in the window, and damage from her lending it to my idiot cousin or lending it to her boyfriend on his farm. Long story short, didn't happen for the purchase but when I buy I plan to leave mine at my home port. Because we got crew parking. Tldr. •Get car I always wanted. •Brother can't borrow it without treating it like shit. •Get insulted because personal value≠physical value. •Brother totals car, mother sides with brother. •Brother gets new free car. I don't get SHIT •plan to buy new car. •Family thinks I'm gonna give them a brand new fucking pickup truck. •No fuck you.
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2021.10.26 03:08 WeGonnaBeRich 6308 2400 7257 Darkrai on me Adding 10

6308 2400 7257 Darkrai on me Adding 10
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2021.10.26 03:08 stawberrisky I don’t know if I can do this

I want to watch worlds apart because I hear it’s good narratively but the insane amount of misogyny is unbearable. is it like this the whole season? I’m half way through episode 3.
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2021.10.26 03:08 newsfeedmedia1 Nick Nolte looks almost unrecognizable after shaving his beard for upcoming Rittenhouse movie role

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2021.10.26 03:08 Mu13GhostBusters Transitioning from smite to league?

Hey so I’ve‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎‏‏‎­played smite for many years forthwith and I’ve finally been putting the time in to learn league after playing on and off. I main ratatoskr on smite and I was looking for a comparison or at least someone a little similar to him in league. Any advice would be great!
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2021.10.26 03:08 Eric_Cartman-420 2022 prospective student

Hi everybody! I'm an indian student from CBSE (central board) in my final (12th) year. I'm planning to apply to NUS and I had a few queries if someone could help me out? 1) When do I submit my AP and SAT scores to the university? Before I apply, while I apply or after applying? (received in August, 2021) 2) Since my main examinations (boards) have been bifurcated into two term examinations (term 1 and 2) should I submit only my term 1 results in application? as I would be giving my term 2 exams after the application deadline.
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2021.10.26 03:08 newsfeedmedia1 Rumer Willis ‘incredibly grateful’ Bruce Willis and Demi Moore made an effort at coparenting

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2021.10.26 03:08 hexsealedfusion Being disappointed and frustrated in the team is fine. Harassing the players is wrong.

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2021.10.26 03:08 Mr_Basketcase Stupidest moment of the show, maybe

Tony phoning Hesh for an advice about dealing with the Hasidic Jews, Hesh discreetly telling him to go for the balls, and Tony reacting like it’s the most genius advice he’s ever heard, like that has never even occurred to him throughout his mobster tenure. Such a silly scene. What do you think?
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