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I noticed some Dutch people here

2021.12.04 11:24 Salman50505 I noticed some Dutch people here

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2021.12.04 11:24 Yang_Moon WhySoSerious

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2021.12.04 11:24 Legionoo7 The daily struggle of Low IQ Ambedkerites and closet Pakistani jihadis in Indian news media...... Don't complain about your struggle when these guys are putting in work to get reservations in America

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2021.12.04 11:24 PatientModBot Getting a Computer Science PhD in the USA

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2021.12.04 11:24 __HELLSTORM_ "They all die fighting ~~Spiderman~~ Corona*

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2021.12.04 11:24 Theorist_Reddit A maybe silly question about Team Fortress 2 in r/Christianity

I feel a bit in embarassed while writing this, because it feels really silly, but like, idk, a third of people seeing this may know this game.
There is this game called Team Fortress 2, and it is a pretty good game.
In the comics of this game, it is said one of the characters was made by god for him to be god's gift to woman, and no one wanted to have sex with him anyways. There's also one that went to hell and made a deal with the Devil, so he became immortal.
There's also like, 27% chance they were hallucinating. Is it okay to play the game still? I mean, it kind of mocks God, doesn't it? I'm not really sure about that.
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2021.12.04 11:24 Lilbuzzter First time beating Master mode as a summoner. This class is truly a blast to play.

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2021.12.04 11:24 Chad_gamer69 WHO'S WITH ME!??!?!?!

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2021.12.04 11:24 PantsyFants The Bastard Seuss

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2021.12.04 11:24 TylerMorgan17 Another Jojo Pose

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2021.12.04 11:24 a_nicehuman_ I'm a 18M. I have recently noticed that I get turned on not only by women but also by men. For example, I feel like if I had the body of a woman, I'd totally have sexual relations with a guy I find hot. Am I bi? Or should I post this in r/transgender?

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2021.12.04 11:24 Telaneo Daily Vanilla #467

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2021.12.04 11:24 vvqqdd Can you play xmas town in hosp?

Someone hosping me everyday, so I want to if I could play xmas town when in hosp....
If not, I will be very very sad!!
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2021.12.04 11:24 Hall_of_fame_ πŸ₯€

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2021.12.04 11:24 RedWarden_ Story in 3 Pictures

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2021.12.04 11:24 basJ18iahjVHFD FUMoney on Solana

This solana based token called FUMoney is offering high farming APY, It's currently over 1 billion %
It's only on solana. it can be found here: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/fumoney/, https://app.atrix.finance , https://cropper.finance
Below is what they are about:
FUMoney is a new Solana based Crypto. Solana has low transaction fees, the fastest network and is easy to use. The FUMoney token (FUM) is a tribute of what crypto currency represents. FUMoney is a Solana blockchain token that offers large rewards to early adopters to achieve being in a FU financial position. Your not financially free until you can say Fuck You!
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2021.12.04 11:24 Epic_Derps Interesting concoction going on here

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2021.12.04 11:24 Yeibi- 1 key set lf um lem

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2021.12.04 11:24 Pertev Welcome Petty :3

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2021.12.04 11:24 NITROGLIT_YT ofc i get this place in turbos

AWDavidson tourney this weekend ^-^ Im 9th place lmao
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2021.12.04 11:24 Black_knight96 [PS4]H:Weapon,Armor and Outfit List W:Q50c25 or Q50c15r railway rifle, Q2525 10mm pistol,QE15r lmg, Uny +1S cav scout CP,Uny +1S cav scout LA

Fallout 76 Trade List
What i have
β€’ AAE Minigun
AAE15 reload 50 cal
AAE15 reload gatling gun
AAff15 reload gamma gun
β€’ AAffr25 lmg
β€’ Jffr25 ultracite gatling laser (also accepting 308 offers)
QAP15c fixer
Bffr15r 10mm pistol
BE15r 10mm pistol
BE25 handmade
Ari50c25 fixer
BE25 railway rifle
BE25 gauss rifle
BE25 tesla rifle
β€’ BerE25 lever action rifle
β€’ Bffr90 ultracite gatling laser
β€’ Bffr250 50 cal
BSSS mole miner gauntlet
BSS15 super sledge
β€’ BE15 crit fill hunting rifle
BE15 reload hunting rifle
β€’ BE fmswa lever action rifle
IE25 railway rifle
β€’ IE25 lever action rifle
VE50 slower break fixer
Qffr50 fixer
β€’ Q50c15c lever action rifle
ARMOR Uny +1I Sentinel heavy combat RA
Uny +1S 15 scout armor RL
Uny +1S Cavalier marine LA
Van ap 50 scout CP
Van ap awr scout RA
Van ap scout LA
Van ap scout RL
Ultracite calibrated shocks plan
β€’ The fixer plan
β€’ jack o short suit
Urban scout mask
β€’ Uny +1S Cavalier scout armor CP and LA
Q50c15r or Q50c25lvc railway rifle Q2525 10mm pistol
QE15r lmg

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2021.12.04 11:24 StyleJack98 What Is Rainbow Six Siege Really About?

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2021.12.04 11:24 kaganatmaca πŸ”₯ WarOfThrone $WoT πŸ’₯ |More than 100++ Holders | Liquidity Locked | Best team | Impressive Chart βœ… | Best Community | Big Potential !

Contract : 0x6756E06aCE6115816D8e1b5241b94aAd05aFAdD2
Telegram : https://t.me/WarOfThrone
Website : https://warofthrone.com/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/warofthrone
War Of Throne protocol is community token based, stealth launched Deflationary Token. Three simple function occur during each trade: Reflection, Burn token and LP acquisition.
Community Owned, so We believe our supporters and users are our most valuable asset. We are open to any and all creative ideas and concepts to add to our road map of upcoming projects. We want everyone to have a voice and feel like part of the team! We will add the best ideas to the voting protocol and let the community decide.
Why War Of Throne?
War Of Throne is far way better from other Deflationary Token as it’s determined team is putting 100% in this community driven project that rewards the users for particularly holding tokens. We are not aiming to provide short term profits for holders, but a reliable asset for long term investors .
βž–100% safu, long term legit project
πŸ’  1000x GEM
βž– 100% verified contract
βž–13% tax at each transactions
βž–2% goes to holders
βž–6% goes to liquidity pool
βž–5% Marketing
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2021.12.04 11:24 wt_anonymous What do you think of pineapple on pizza (actually tho)

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2021.12.04 11:24 Chris90k Zekrom raid on me!! 0456 6359 9725

0456 6359 9725
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