{Grand Blue}

2021.12.04 11:07 ToapFN {Grand Blue}

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2021.12.04 11:07 KitCatR *high effort Murderous Female Royal Ruler

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2021.12.04 11:07 space_canoe_ Do you guys have a favorite ball/map combo?

It may be overkill but the cage ball on lock down and get pretty rowdy.
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2021.12.04 11:07 EmployEmbarrassed662 Prod gesucht

Gibts hier producer, in nrw?
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2021.12.04 11:07 -en- @Reuters: Islamic countries to meet on Afghanistan crisis on Dec. 19 https://t.co/eSISIZcUHG https://t.co/Aaa8SpaXaa

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2021.12.04 11:07 gadbesavage If anyone can help finish the story for me, I would gladly appreciate

Idk if people are active around here but I will ask anyway, if anyone has read the LN and can just kinda tell me how it ends because I can't read it all, and I'm really curious as to what happens.
Who does Kousaku end up with?
Will Becky finally find someone to spend her life with?
Do Kei and Kochou end up together?
Other significant moments and such the story has to offer. If that's a lot to write and you don't have the time I will understand that also.
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2021.12.04 11:07 edutreasure No Oil Cooking Recipes - Eat Healthy! Live Strong! udemy coupon

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2021.12.04 11:07 BSumner831 PFML in [MA] Question

Hello! I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance as my many Google searches have not given me a clear answer.
I have a part-time employee who is very ill with Covid, she started in September so she doesn't qualify for PFML through me (I don't think) as she hasn't earned the qualifying amount. She did have a different job that she left to start working for me. If she had worked there Jan-Aug and made the minimum amount, would she be eligible for PFML even though she doesn't work there anymore? I've never dealt with PFML as an employer so trying to figure it all out.
Thank you for any guidance! She is very stressed about finances so I would really like to help her out.
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2021.12.04 11:07 AsimTahirinTassagi Birçok porn comici turkeceleştirdim bunları arşiv olarak tutuyorum, bunun için internet sitesi açabilir miyim bu yasal mı ve telif hakkı sorunu oluşur mu?

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2021.12.04 11:07 Hantakali00 Having brain fog

I can’t concentrate ani feel hungover and tired af everysingle day any tips to get over this brain fog ? Also share ur experience too
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2021.12.04 11:07 diamondXD42069 Cursed pussy

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2021.12.04 11:07 MoonriseRunner Quick combat question about dice rolls

Hello everyone, just a quick question.
Do Weapons Modifiers get added in Dealing Damage, or the general Combat Roll?
The Rulebook gives a example of a Knight and a Thug, both with a Hand Weapon that does not have a modifier so I was wondering if for example:
A Templar has a +4 Fight and a Two-Handed Weapon +2 If he rolls a 5, does his equipment add +6 to the roll or only +4, with the +2 being added to the Damage counted up once the Armor of the Opponent has been accounted for?
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2021.12.04 11:07 kayak2kayak Tent City

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2021.12.04 11:07 -en- @Reuters: WATCH: Archaeologists have found an 800-year-old mummy in Peru. The remains were of a person from the culture that developed between the coast and mountains of the South American country https://t.co/hLf32JsHnQ https://t.co/cj9kzEtE1x

@Reuters: WATCH: Archaeologists have found an 800-year-old mummy in Peru. The remains were of a person from the culture that developed between the coast and mountains of the South American country https://t.co/hLf32JsHnQ https://t.co/cj9kzEtE1x submitted by -en- to newsbotbot [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 11:07 Puzzleheaded_Fly_707 Hot4lexi make loveee...

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2021.12.04 11:07 zanmato1109 Strange Nostalgia for the Closeted Days

A few days ago I discovered that blog entries from my adolescence still exist in some dusty corner of the Internet. The oldest of them are over a decade and a half old. Reading them reminded me of the ridiculous, pathetic-heroic lengths my formerly closeted self used to go to for even the tiniest homoerotic thrill.
Here is a favorite example.
When I was seventeen I severely herniated a disk doing acrobatics in my parents’ front lawn. For several months thereafter my body was a lightning rod of pain. I walked with a limp and spent much of my day in bed or on the couch.
The last day of school before surgery, I made a point of finding my first major crush, Paul, so that I could ogle him, for I might die under anesthesia, never to ogle him again. To ogle Paul, I had to take a painful detour after second period up the stairwell at the south end of the school building, spy him either going to or coming from his locker, and then subject myself to the slapstick nightmare of easing my useless injured body down the north stairwell.
Ogling Paul was enough of a habit to have its own protocol. If I spied him going to his locker, then I followed at a distance of several paces to admire what his passion for running did for the shape and ampleness of his ass, an ass so perfect that it won praise even from boys of the most unimpeachable heterosexuality. If I spied him coming from his locker, having fetched the books for his next classes, then I had to contend with the social Cerberus of cooking up some chummy and engaging one-liner to fire off at him, of being ready to account for presence in the upstairs hallway en route between two downstairs classes, and of trying all the while to catch a glimpse of the outline of his cock, the thickness of which I always had to verify for scientific purposes, even though I had already visually confirmed it beyond all doubt through jeans, sweatpants (!), dripping swim trunks (!!), and the thin mesh of those maddeningly revealing athletic shorts (!!!). Those scientific purposes were that if I ever intended to invite him to fuck me with that monster, then I had to prepare my body with the creative use and disposal of household miscellany whose abrupt disappearances probably baffled my mother.
I had cultivated a functional limp to cope with the injury, but extreme pain caused it to degrade into an obscene amble basically as soon as I saw Paul’s healthy, virile face emerging from an otherwise unremarkable sea of students, so I began immediately to experiment with different gaits, some of which were visually strange, to try to find a middle ground between respectability and painlessness.
That middle ground was a mirage, it turned out, and I instead re-entered a cycle of bodily torture I thought of as the death spiral. To prevent further injury, my lumbar muscles seized up. Their seizure aggravated the bundles of nerves running along my vertebrae, causing mindnumbing pain. The pain rendered my movements more bizarre and irregular. The irregularity of my movements caused my muscles to seize up further until I sank against a wall of lockers to the floor, my peers looking down at my wrecked body as if I were one of evolution’s whimsical but doomed experiments.
Christ, Billy, said Paul, your body is a lemon.
He strode up to me with his hand extended, businessman-like. However much I was pleased by the idea of his touch, and however easy it was to imagine cherubs beckoning from his shoulders, I had to refuse his hand because his hoisting me up would only have wracked me with more pain. I assured him that I would be okay and waived him away so that he wouldn’t see the sad but admittedly amusing spectacle where I clawed my way up an unhelpful locker and limped off in agony to third period.
The things I was willing to endure just to see the clothed outline of cock or ass—not both! These days I’m too lazy to glance at the avalanche of man parts I can usually summon on Grindr. It would be a lie to say I miss being closeted, of course, but I think it is true that certain experiences and qualities of feeling become unavailable once you come out.
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2021.12.04 11:07 ComplexAd7272 Writing Advice Top Ten

I've noticed an influx of questions here that to some would seem basic, repetitive, or common sense. However, not every poster has the same experience. Or maybe they just like to invite a discussion. In any event, I thought I'd post some advice I've learned over my ten years of writing.
Note: I write fiction, so that's where my experience comes from. I've had one short story and poetry published, self published two novels, and am currently querying a third.
(Also, Posters: I encourage you to check out this groups FAQ sections. There is a TON of useful links that answer a lot of the questions posted)

1.) Yes, you can write any character you want. Go ahead, write any race, gender, religion you'd like. However, ask yourself why you're doing it? Does it serve the story? Is it a story you should be telling? For example, I'm a white male. I can write a main character who is black that just happens to be black. What I probably shouldn't do it write about the struggles of an African American living in the inner city dealing with racism. For context, look up the AMERICAN DIRT controversy.
2.) It's unlikely your story is too dark, if told well. I see this one a lot. Wondering if it's okay to write about serial killers, graphic violence, blood, whatever. Reading some of the descriptions, I can safely say there's been FAR worse published. AMERICAN PSYCHO is the best known example. If you've never read it and know only the movie...trust me, it's dark and goes to some places you'd never imagine. BLOOD MERIDIAN is another and considered a classic. However, keep in mind that this content can make your writing less marketable. And always avoid "shock" for shock's sake.
3.) You're not going to make money. Well, not a lot, if at all. The days when you could make a living submitting to short story magazines are over. There's thousands of publications out there, and I'd say a tenth of them pay. Even if you go after the CARVE's and THREEPENNY REVIEW's that pay a decent amount for short stories, the response times are long. Same with novels. People love to use Stephen King, James Patterson, and JK Rowling as examples of how writing can make you rich. They forget that King and Patterson came up in a different time when he became successful. These days, the fact is there are far more people writing then there is a market for them. Speaking of Rowling...
4.) You're at the mercy of the markets. There's a million reasons why Harry Potter became a success that I won't go into here, but a big one is market demand. It came out at a perfect time for Young Adult Fantasy. Another example is TWILIGHT, but for a different reason. When it came out, the market was saturated with vampires and werewolves, making those stories are harder sell if you wrote those kind of things. What's going to be "hot" is nearly impossible to guess. It's also why you can't/shouldn't try and write to the markets.
5.) Your story is not more important than basic grammar. This one has been popping up a lot lately, and it's mind-boggling. I'm sorry, but I have to be blunt here. You must be proficient in basic grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc to be a writer. There's no workaround, no cheat code. Your idea or theme is not a story. A story is written, and written well. If you're not good at it, learn. Practice. There's plenty of resources online to help you.
6.) Eventually, you're going to have to let a stranger read your stuff. Terrifying, right? Unavoidable? Yes, if you want to improve. This is where beta readers, line editors, and editors come in. Beta readers are people who read your story and give honest feedback. What works and what doesn't. What makes sense and where they get lost. THIS IS CRUCIAL and goes beyond whether your story is good and bad. For example, I once wrote a short about a man having a drink in a bar, bemoaning the fact that he was laid off. A beta reader pointed out that pages earlier, I'd said he was employed. I got so lost in my prose that I'd missed it. Had it been publshed, it would have been an embarrassing continuity error. Some beta readers will also be happy to line edit for you, looking for those missed commas and periods. I've found all mine on Twitter using #writingcommunity, but there are dozens of different ways. A lot of people there are happy to do a "quid pro quo" deal for beta reading. Speaking of editing...
7.) Your manuscript should be as polished and close to perfect as you can make it. Here's the truth: spell check sucks. Whether it's Word or Pages for Mac, spell check will never catch everything. Never, ever trust it. That being said, start with that. Once you've poured over every red squiggly, go back and re read it again. Put it away for a day or two, and re read it again. Slow. Line by line. When you're done that, find an editor and have them go over it again. And again. You may think I'm trying to be funny, so here's a story. I did everything above on one of my novels. Ran it through PRO WRITING AID (a great online tool) and cleaned it up. Had another person read it. So this novel had been through over 7 rounds of edits. And when it was published...there was still a typo. I don't want t say they're unavoidable. I want to tell you that you need to do EVERYTHING in your power to try before you start submitting or publishing.
8.) Where do I find these people? Editors, agents, publishers? The internet. That's not me being snarky. I mentioned I found my beta readers and editors on Twitter for free. That being said, keep in mind that's a community where we talk and share our works. If that sounds too intimidating, you can try FIVERR. If you have the money, you can hire a professional editor, but they're costly. For literary agents and publishers, try QUERYTRACKER. Whether it's an agent, publisher, or literary magazine...ALWAYS read what they're looking for and be sure your work is a fit. You don't want to send your gothic horror story to an agent that is only looking for romance. Or your sci-fi short story to a magazine that only publishes literary fiction. Slow down, take the time to research.
9.) You have to read to be a good writer. Sorry, it's true. Look, I get it. I work 40 plus hours. I have a son. I get busy. But you absolutely have to read if you want to be a writer. Now here's the good news. The biggest reason I see people push back on this is time. When you hear people say you have to read, we're not saying a novel a day. Read a short story. A novel over a month. A few pages after work. Just be active with it, even if it's a few minutes a day.
10.) Can I use adverbs? Damn Stephen King. For those unaware, in King's "On Writing", he infamously stated that "the road to hell is paved with adverbs," and said to avoid them at all costs. Over the years, this has taken on a life of its own as the golden rule in fiction writing. Let's clear something up. In that same book, he freely admits that he uses them. And he does, and often. What he was trying to teach is to improve you're writing in such a way that they're not needed. To not rely on them to get your point across. There's no need to write "Tom pounded the desk angrily with his fist" if you've already established that Tom is angry in this scene.

I could go on and on, but that's enough for today. If you guys like this, I may write another if I feel it's helpful. No matter what, keep trying, and keep writing!!!
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2021.12.04 11:07 Limp-Form-7263 Join the NUDZ 18+ Discord Server!

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2021.12.04 11:07 Feuerfrosch1 Violet phosphorus

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2021.12.04 11:07 miyucuk Can someone please explain the "Rush" game types to me.

Recently, I have seen many posts about how good it the BF2042 Rush modes are. I want to try but I can't
I'm scared to check it by myself. Why? Because I'm a pve player. I mostly play solo and very rarely play pvp as drone spotter only.
As far as I understand, Rush modes are less people, more contribution heavy game modes. So I didn't want to try it bymyself.
What is the purpose of Rush games. What is happening in there? What kind of players are required on that mode?
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2021.12.04 11:07 -en- @Reuters: Thailand seizes $88 million worth of crystal meth bound for Taiwan https://t.co/ixyvP47ND8 https://t.co/AelrGEuryd

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2021.12.04 11:07 Majnum Woman falsely arrested for shoplifting at Walmart is awarded $2.1 million in damages

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2021.12.04 11:07 AnthonyG1999 Somebody please help me..

Im currently at AIT in fort Gordon GA and I’m struggling with depression and anxiety. I can’t handle this military lifestyle anymore. Two weeks ago I was admitted into a ward for suicidal ideation s. I wanted to be a soldier ever since I was little but now realize I can’t do it. The providers told me they’re recommending chapter 5-11 EPTS. My commander is on board and went to BH and she said she has to tweak my paperwork and send it back to medical for signatures. Can someone tell me what happens next and how long the process takes? I just want to be home with my family and live life to to school. This isn’t for me and I went in with good intentions. I’m sorry.
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2021.12.04 11:07 techmagic317 My mom happened to pull out one of those "moments with God" books and this was the one for today's date, titled "The Right to my Soul"

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2021.12.04 11:07 jargapotter https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=47hiHludOFs

Look at what I did for the francishe of Planet of the Apes! Styled by Endgame credits. Would nice if you guys watch what I worked on. Click on the link 😊
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