A scene that is supposed to be in a fic I'm working on... But not sure how.

2022.01.17 17:31 Leading-Chemist672 A scene that is supposed to be in a fic I'm working on... But not sure how.

Fic: A tale of familiar fear.
Disclaimer. Not J.K.R. Not mine.
Third year. Duddley is waiting for his turn with the Bogart.
He... Did not expect that.
Next to him, Harry gasped, eying him a bit.
Before them, stood... Harry. But he had that look, honestly reminded them of Malfoy.
Only that, smile. "Oh, Cuz-, sorry, brother. I always wondered, why are you here? You wouldn't even have your hand-me-down spark is it were not for me..." That thing, takes this oh so innocent little smile, the kids begin to murmur. "Finely settling to love you and your, oops, our parents. Who honestly, I didn't really have anything actually worthy of so much as a... Pet."
Harry looks at his brother, by love , even if cousin by blood. He isn't raising his wand any more. He himself getting quite pissed.
It continues, with his own face and voice twisted into this abomination. It is getting taller, changing a bit. Nose getting flatter, more... "Were in not for me, what would have been, but a fat, louse of a boy. A bully. A-"
Harry Pushes infront of Duddley. Cutting that thing from him.
And infront of him stands... "Bloody Hell, thode two need to co-mu-ni-cate." Seamus blabbers somewhere.
"Oh, dear me... Brother, right? Though how did you call me since we were babies? Oh yes, a pig in a wig. Yes, such, brotherly love. But then, you actually made the... Intellectual leap...
That I and, our family are humans. And dinned to acknowledge all the little way you were not that worse off." That thing got in him face. He took a step back. "And by doing that you gave me that, oh, so, wonderful gift. Access to my magic." It bowed, in a mockery of subservience. "Thank you my lord." It became. "Just like like this world took my sister, it will will have my son." It shifted back. All the while crowding him, pushing him back, and Harry, retreating.
"So we love you. Since you gave us something... Too bad... I wonder, What could you give you actual, patents so they'd bother to li-"
Professor Lupin pushes Harry aside, turning a flying ball into a bouncy ball. Laughs. For a moment.
As it disappears in smoke...
None Speak.
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2022.01.17 17:31 Hari_Seldom My cousin put a cock on my roof and 3 ugly ones out front. I retaliated with a giant rainbow one and a statue of a woman (anatomically correct, of course)

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Trying to understand what % from the whole WM sales do we have on a specific category/shelf. Is it possible to get?
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2022.01.17 17:31 monsterasaur first time cart user …

So I’ve got a 500mg 510 cart. I don’t have any other information / details / specifics on the cart. & I have a yocan kodo box mod, it’s 510, 400mAh, with 3 voltages @ 2.5V, 3.0V, & 3.5V. I am thinking of visiting my grandparents resting place / cemetary site (it’s on a green hillside surrounded by trees / mountains) & going my first round, not my first experience with dmt, but this would be my first experience with a vape cart. I didn’t realize “breaking through” was a hurdle/issue of consideration, i mean, that’s not my intention, but i guess i hadn’t considered/realized that there were “levels” of experience in terms of not breaking thru vs breaking thru. Misc thoughts/wonders include (hm… time of day? Does the setting sound bad? Should i eat before/after? I’m kind of a food loving former stoner, so should i have some munchies to just chill out & reflect/process afterwards? ) So… // any thoughts/advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated. // thanks in advance 👏
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2022.01.17 17:31 NightFlame389 Concepts of akumatized villains (by me) (feedback is helpful)

(Mr. Banana Concept 1: The Joke)
Name: Mr. Cucumber
Akumatized Object: A cucumber sandwich (his lunch)
Akumatization Reason: People make fun of him for liking cucumbers while dressed as a banana
Powers: Turns people into cucumbers and uses giant cucumber weapons; has no limbs
How he is beaten: Lucky Charm gives a vegetable slicer and all the cucumbers are sliced

(Mr. Banana Concept 2: The True Banana)
Name: The Bananamaniac
Akumatized Object: Banana costume
Akumatization Reason: idk give me stuff
Powers: Banana-themed everything. Like how Batman has Batarangs, a Batmobile, and a Batcave, Mr. Banana will have a Bananamobile and a Bananacave. Primary weapon is a gun that shoots bananas, then he can leave the peel behind for someone to slip on. The bananas are explosive. He has a seemingly infinite amount of these.
How he is beaten: No clue. Someone probably eats him. Or the Banananana Man from TikTok shows up and they fight to see who the true banana man is

(OC Concept based on a comment I did)
Name: The Chance-ellor
Akumatized Object: A pair of dice
Akumatization Reason: Loses a bet
Powers: Manipulates chance. For example, he can set the chance of him being beaten to 0%, then the chance of pigeon pooping perfectly in Ladybug's eye at 100%. He can also make the Cataclysmed literally just someone's shoe by making everyone's favorite black cat trip.
How he is beaten: His powers don't affect the effectiveness of the Lucky Charm

(Felix Concept)
Name: Miracle Thief
Akumatized Object: TBD (open to suggestions)
Akumatization Reason: Gabriel makes a deal; the ring for the Miraculous
Powers: He can track where different Miraculous are whenever he wants. Also the basic enhanced durability, agility, speed, strength, etc.
How he is beaten: A superhero without a Miraculous shows up (courtesy of Pegasus), and all other Miraculous are put into the box so Miracle Thief senses only two locations with Miraculous; the box and Shadow Moth

I actually have an entire list, so if you want to see more, I'll make a follow-up featuring Alpha, Murder Hornet, Bunyip, Atlantean, Catbug, Darkest Knight, Shadowbug, Nightmare Knight, the Goose from the Untitled Goose Game, Ringmaster, The Genie, Ice Age, the lamb sauce Gordan Ramsay is looking for, concepts of akumatized kwamis, completely new kwamis and superheroes, and much much more.
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2022.01.17 17:31 Public_Reindeer_1724 Need help finding video of guy saying phrases from different Ontario regions

I believe it was a tik tok. He filters through places like Oakville, Toronto, Durham, Scarborough etc saying phrases/accents from each area and while it’s a bit stereotypical it was funny as heck. I can’t see to find it but remember it from a couple years ago. Any help is appreciated.
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Sait name is swagbucksbd
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i cant find how we deconstruct buildings
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2022.01.17 17:31 Young_irish_lad Which video game inspired or introduced you to your passion and how?

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