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NEWS: Defense Metals reinforcing leadership team ($DEFN)

2022.01.17 16:55 MikaMeredith NEWS: Defense Metals reinforcing leadership team ($DEFN)

Defense Metals is reinforcing their leadership team by the acquisition of the Wicheeda Rare Earth Element Property.
They appointed Dr. Luisa Moreno as President of Defense metals, and nominated Dr. William Bird to the Board of Directors.
The 2,008 hectare Wicheeda REE Property, located approximately 80 km northeast of the city of Prince George, British Columbia, is readily accessible by all-weather gravel roads and is near infrastructure, including power transmission lines, the CN railway and major highways.
Defense Metals is a mineral exploration company and with this move their looking to really step up their game this year!
Not financial advice, do your own research!
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2022.01.17 16:55 Screaming_dice First or third person?

When you read a book/Short story do you prefer it being first or third person?
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2022.01.17 16:55 West-Marionberry-635 Where do you find tools in deisim?

Like where do you find it I need 50
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2022.01.17 16:55 JWickz_485 If current sanji wore the raid suit would that put him above zoro?

Please dont hate me im being so genuine right now sanji was already up there with zoro now he just destroyed the raidsuit? Do you guys think current sanji+ raid suit would beat zoro high-extreme diff?
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2022.01.17 16:55 ThatRealBean Checking UI Settings

I noticed that a lot of people shared screenshots without yields. Is it special that I play with them always on?
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2022.01.17 16:55 vanityofjay29 Airline tie-up for Kenya and South Africa: possible rewards, and risks

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2022.01.17 16:55 shianinja SOCORRO PRECISo saber disso

então tem um filme que tem um homem animal sla com uma voz bem grossa (talvez suave ) eu não sei explicar mais ele fala essa frase "tem um mundo inteiro lá fora " eu quero muito saber
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2022.01.17 16:55 TheEminenceInShadow Jack hanma after every defeat

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2022.01.17 16:55 KieronSafc Happy Snax Salt ‘n Vinegar Flavoured Corn Puffs Review - Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Free

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2022.01.17 16:55 mr--hussle Check me

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2022.01.17 16:55 Icy_Consequence_6742 Huh.

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2022.01.17 16:55 poorauggiecarson Little Plastic Woodpecker

Little plastic woodpecker,
so stoic in your manufactured
industry. Tap tapping
your way without rest
through the forests of modernity.
May you awaken this day
from the slumber of artificial flight,
hoisted only by the ariels
of a child’s hand, to return
as the drum of the wood line
announcing staccato
the rhythm of nature
as the North Wind sings its song
through the pines.
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2022.01.17 16:55 suhel_welly How to handle escalating cost of living in NZ (from Tony Alexander)

Tony collated answers from 450 people on in subscriber list. He asked them to give their thoughts on how families can handle the newly escalating cost of living in New Zealand.
For more of his publications check out his site
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2022.01.17 16:55 cleanscotch Two species of mold fight for supremacy over the wet coffee grounds i forgot to throw away.

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2022.01.17 16:55 Liquid_Magic What is it about converting matter and energy that could lead to experiments exploring if you could convert between all four of matter, energy, space and time?

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2022.01.17 16:55 ThePhotogenicPotato For the first time in 41 days the C's are over .500

December 7th, following a 102-117 loss to the Lakers, at 13-12, was the last time the Celtics were over .500.
Since then, the team has been treading at no better than .500 and no worse than 3 games below .500, until today.
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2022.01.17 16:55 Bubbolindo An LGBTQ shirt film. Romans. On faith and love and the choices we make.

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2022.01.17 16:55 Neveiksmelv Follow Twitter and TG and get 25$ worth nft AIRDROP🔥🐳

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2022.01.17 16:55 TheEminenceInShadow title

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2022.01.17 16:55 ZorOmega Add liquidity to an existing pool

I recently got into tranq finance and provided liquidity for a One/stOne pair on sushiswap, then staked the LP tokens for tranq. I'm trying to add more to the liquidity pool on sushi, but it keeps coming up blank when the "you will receive" box comes up. Am I doing something wrong, or can I not add more to the same pool?
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2022.01.17 16:55 Piney630 Any suggestions on granite companies for kitchen counters?

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2022.01.17 16:55 RedditorOfRohan Best way to make eggs?

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2022.01.17 16:55 PuppiesDntPout Fauna To A Good Home. Hey! My Fauna is moving out tomorrow. It’s my first villager leaving. She’s in boxes and I believe she is ready to go. If anyone wants her. 🥲

Fauna To A Good Home. Hey! My Fauna is moving out tomorrow. It’s my first villager leaving. She’s in boxes and I believe she is ready to go. If anyone wants her. 🥲 submitted by PuppiesDntPout to AnimalCrossingNewHor [link] [comments]

2022.01.17 16:55 nemo0o0o Find what you love and let it kill you

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2022.01.17 16:55 soan101 The Evil That Men Bring Ch 1. The Actors enter the Stage


A/N: Ok, quick word, I'm still yet new to writing, so any criticism, or pointers are welcomed, just please be gentle. I do this writing in my spare time, and have absolutely no training in anything approaching literature, excluding writing reports at the fifth grade level, with heavy references to technical manuals, for people, whose entire job it is to reject what I wrote because I forgot to add the proper amendment letter, to the latest revision, of the latest tech manual, that they forgot to inform everyone, had just come out that morning... Sorry, pent up frustrations from an old job.

...Moving On...
Kolya was leaving the base for the last time. He wouldn't call it home really, just the place he came to between missions over the last couple of years.
He had no idea, where he was going to go now.
After he left the orphanage all those years ago, he just joined up with the service straight away, and knew nothing else outside of it. He had a few people he knew, but no one outside of what he could never speak of again. They had made it clear he was never to speak of, or even think about what he had been involved in. And if he was honest with himself, he would gladly do that... if only he could.
No matter, that was a problem for later, for now he needed to find someplace he could go. Anywhere really, as long as he could get a bed, that was fine with him.
He approached the last door to leave the building he was in, guarded by a young, serious looking boy, in a crisp uniform. As he neared, the guard reach forward, grasped the handle, and opened the door for Kolya, allowing him to leave the building. Kolya stepped through, and...
Had no idea where he was.
He was in the middle of a glade of a forest, surrounded by trees.
Kolya whirled around to go back through the door, and...
There was no door.
"Who the Bloody Hell are you?!"
Jackson woke up that morning, much the same as he did every morning. Luxuriating in his bed, feeling the warm body of his lover next to him.
"Hello my little strumpet, have a good sleep?"
The woman giggled before replying, "Only as well as you allowed me to, m'lord."
Jackson's smile froze in place. "I told you, I am in the House of Commons, not of Lords."
"I know" the woman said, "I was just teasing a little."
"Well in that case you can 'tease' your way out of my flat." Jackson replied coldly, smile still fixed in place.
"Wha-, but Jacky, I-"
At this point Jackson decided he had had enough of this little trollop. His mask slid off. "OUT YOU LITTLE WHORE! GET YOUR FRILLY WHORE'S GARB, AND GET OUT!" he bellowed at the woman.
The woman's face began to register shock, and outrage, but Jackson didn't allow her the chance to respond. Yelling obscenities, and names at the woman, all through the flat, as she rushed to pick up her lingerie, dress, coat, and shoes, only stopping long enough to slip her dress over her head, so she wouldn't have to run out completely naked. Once she reached the door, Jackson abruptly stopped shouting at her, as she slowly unlatched the door. Jackson was standing naked in the living room of his flat, chest heaving, fully at attention, as the woman quietly peeked out the door.
"Okay, we're all clear out here. Do you want to meet up next week at the same time?" The woman asked, as she slipped her undergarments on, under her dress.
Chest still heaving, Jackson replied between pants, "No... I dont... know... whew... when we might be able to meet again. As I said last night, this is my first day as a member of the House. I will need to be more careful, and I need to learn my way around before I can,... 'relax' with you again, dear. You understand?"
“Right than, do let me know. I would hate to lose a regular right now. Especially one that tips so well." She said, with a meaningful look at the desk under the window.
"OH, right, apologies!" Jackson said, as he ran over to the indicated desk. He the began rummaging around for a moment, and quickly came back to the woman, offering a small envelope. "You know how I get, first thing in the morning, blood gets pumping, and all other thoughts go right out the window.”
"Yes, I know Jacky. That and how you are at night too" she replied, giving his naughty bits a good stare.
"Oh, off with it, you whore, you'll be with another man tonight, and I have important business to attend to."
Smirking the woman replied, "Oh fine, see you next week Jacky." She said as she left through the door.
Before the door closed, Jackson called out, "I told you, stop calling me that!"
Turning back to his flat, he proceeded to a cleared out space, and began to perform his daily workout routine.
Two hours later, he came back to the door out of his flat, freshly showered, and shaved, dressed in a perfectly tailored three piece suit, with his overcoat draped across his left arm. Reaching the door, he picked up his keys from the bowl next to the door, opens it, walks through, closing it at the same time, and turns to lock his door...
But his door isn't there.
Instead, Jackson is surrounded by what looks to be a forest. Feeling like a fool holding his keys up to a door that isn't there, he slowly turns around with his eyes scanning. Partway through his turn, he spots a man with his back to him, with what looks like an Army duffel bag, and a hunting rifle case hanging off his shoulder.
Without bothering to stop to think, Jackson called out, "Who the Bloody Hell are you?!"
Carl's face was lit up by the glow of his computer screen as he scanned the lines of code he had just finished typing out. Again. After having attempted, and failed to get all of the bugs worked out last night, he had finally given up, at about 3:30AM, and gone to bed. Now at the crack of early afternoon, he was attempting to debug it again, shortly after rolling off of his futon. After staring at the screen, for what seemed like half the day, scrolling up, and down, he finally let out a defeated sigh, and pressed a few keys on his keyboard.
He then stood up, stretched his back, and arms. Looking around his room, he noticed the time on his wall clock. Rubbing his eyes, he went into the bathroom next to his office/bedroom. A half hour later, freshly showered, and shaved, he came back into his office, and check on the progress his computer had made. On the screen were five, cheerfully flashing, new error codes.
Carl groaned.
As if waiting for him to make a speak first, before it spoke up, Carl's stomach growled.
Carl answered with his own growl, and looked at the door leading from his room into the rest of the house. The door that would lead him to food. But this door was at the top of a flight of stairs. And if he went through that door, he would no longer be in the safety of his office/bedroom. No, he would be at, HER, mercy. As loving as, HER, mercy was, it was never tender.
After a quick review of his office/bedroom, he found no forgotten snacks, and no half eaten leftovers. Or, at least none he would feel safe trying to eat. That left him with two options. Starve, or face, HER, and all that would entail. To be honest, Carl was really favoring the former. He did not want to hear about how, HER, friends spawn had all found their own happiness, and that his cousin had just had his third spawn already, and that he should just 'get out there, and meet someone nice already. I want them grandbabies!'.
Carl shuddered.
He decided on another tactic. One that he didn't like to use, because of how demeaning it was to his pride, but nevertheless, was quite effective.
Taking in a deep breath, Carl summoned up his will to go through with what he was about to do.
"MMMAAAAA! COULD YOU BRING ME DOWN SOME CEREAL?" He yelled out, in his best imitation of his teenage years, with what he thought was +just+ the right amount of self-entitled whining. It took him a good bit of practice to get that right, and he was proud of the effort that went into it, if not what he was actually practicing.
He didn't have to wait long before the answer came echoing, rattling, and somehow, scratching, down the stairs to his ears, ensconced in his favorite wireless headphones.
Carl did a quick fist pump.
Carl's stomach suddenly fell out of him. He stumbled back, and sat heavily into his office chair.
Carl was confused now. If she had caught onto the fact that he had figured out she liked to leave the house, if he put just the right whine in his voice when asking for something, then he figured there would be more to it than what had just happened. Then again, it was entirely possible that she had laid out a careful trap for him, one that he just couldn't quite see yet. This required some careful consideration...
Carl jumped to his feet, and quickly began to ascend the stairs to the main floor of the house. Well shit. Either way at this point, he was gonna find out just what, HER, plan was for today.
After an hour and a half of enduring, HER, judgments, stares, and criticisms, Carl finally managed to free himself from, HER, talons, after promising to 'get your eligible ass out there, and meet someone'. She had even been kind enough to provide some new clothes to wear, when he went 'out', later that night.
Man, she's really getting more aggressive about the whole grandbabies bit. At this point, it might be easier for me to just hire a surrogate mother, and give the damned woman some babies. Or just adopt a couple.
As he entered in to his office/bedroom, he remembered he need to collect a few things from one of the local stores, today. After putting away his new outfit, he quickly changed into his presentable outside outfit, and quickly came back up the stairs, grabbing his favorite pair of hiking boots before he left his office/bedroom.
He open the door to the main floor of the house, about to tell, HER, he was going out for a bit, when he noticed the differing texture under his socked feet. Looking down, he say that he wasn't standing at the top of the basement landing like he thought he would be, but was standing on grass. Not the well manicured lawns he was used to, but the rough, middle of the woods, stomped down by wild animals, kind of grass. Snapping his head around, he quickly tried to grab the doorknob he was just holding onto... and, nothing.
There was nothing there. Instead of his home, he was in the middle of the woods. Then he heard a voice he had never heard before, with an accent that he thought was just something actors, well, overacted just to sell tickets.
"Who the Bloody Hell are you?!"
Kartikeya lifted his head from the microscope he had been staring into for the past hour. After spending the better part of four years working for the same pharmaceutical company, in the R&D department, he was bored. He made a few more notes on his scratch pad, turned of the microscope, and began to sort, clean, and file all of his materials he had used throughout the day.
Kartikeya's thought began to drift as he worked. Thinking back to the time he had spent in school, and in his residency, about all the time he had been able to actually lay his hands on a subject, he sighed. How he missed those days. They were so exciting, something new with every case. A new variation on an old virus, or a new strain altogether. He loved diving into the search for the unknown, working the puzzle, until everything clicked into place.
He wished he could go back, and change his decision from when he finished his residency. He thought that moving into R&D would be life changing, that it would allow him to stay in the endless puzzle that was the human body, and slowly eek out the secrets it held, in each and every human. Now he just moved through the days like he just couldn't wait for it to be over, just so he could start it all over again.
Kartikeya was bored.
As he finished cleaning up his portion of the lab, he noticed that everyone else was already gone. He thought that was strange, until he checked the time. Three hours after the end of the shift, and no one could be bothered to rouse him out of his work?! This would not be a good night than. He would have to get something to eat on his way home, and try to go to sleep right away when he got to his apartment. And it was Wednesday night too! He would have to skip out on watching the latest episode tonight, and try to catch up tomorrow.
Kartikeya sighed, as he left the locker room. He mumbled greetings and farewells to the other late goers, and night shift security guards on his way out the building. Upon exiting into the street, he began to briskly walk in the direction of his favorite, quick restaurant to eat at, especially when all he wanted was to be as full as possible, as quickly, and cheaply, as possible. This would hopefully help him fall asleep faster once he got back to his apartment. All so that he could do it all again, tomorrow.
Sighing again, he entered the restaurant, assumed his favorite seating, and ordered his usual meal. Then he began to enjoy the second reason he picked this restaurant. The excellent view of the other patrons.
For most people, when they watched people, they're watching their behavior. But for Kartikeya, he was watching the people's bodies. It was an odd hobby, but he enjoyed it. He liked to watch the way people's musculature would make their bodies move. He would pay careful attention to gaits, and arm movements, trying to deduce what might be ailing a particular body. Arthritis there, healing ankle there, those were the easy ones. No, he liked to try to spot the signs of a mental disorder, or mental illness, in the way a person moved, or the way a particular hand would move when accomplishing a certain task. He couldn't prove any of his hypothesis about any of the individuals, and what he was doing, at best, was taking mildly educated guesses, without knowing anything about the person, before they walked by.
Kartikeya sighed again, once he realized that he had finished his meal. He promptly paid for his meal, and proceeded to the exit of the restaurant. He held open the door for an elderly gentleman as he exited ahead of Kartikeya, and then stepped through the door, greeted by trees, and vegetation that were not of his home.
"Who the Bloody Hell are you?!"

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